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This unofficial Fallout 4 guide offers a very detailed walkthrough of the game. Using this game guide will make it much easier to find and complete available main and optional quests. The guide may also be very helpful in explaining all of the game’simportant choices and their consequences (both short and long-term). The entire guide is divided into several large sections. The first part of the guide is a description of all the initial quests of the main storyline which are completed in a rather linear order. The next important part is about the quests of all four main factions found in the game’s world. You can find out where to look for the factions’ leaders and what types of mission each faction has to offer. Guide pages on factions are followed by the second part of the main story walkthrough and we’ve covered all of the differences based on the faction the main character has decided to join. The final part of the main story explanation is a chapter about all of the game’s endings and about instructions how to unlock them. The final big part of this game guide are the chapters on the available side quests. Many of these quests are tied to certain areas of the game’s world and that’s why their descriptions are divided by the locations where they’re available. Each quest in this guide has a very thorough description. You can find out where you can unlock it, what you need to do to finish it, what choices you may be presented with, if you can act in a special way (like when you have high charisma) and what types of rewards are reserved for finishing it. Fallout 4 is a post-apocalyptic RPG game where the player is exploring the wasteland around the American city of Boston. There are dozens of primary and optional missions available in the game. Using this walkthrough will lower the chances of skipping out on some important assignments or not being able to move forward because of some unforeseen complications